Farmers' Breakfast: Grow Your Tralala - a talk about growth hacking

22.01.2020, Sofia Bistro

With guest speaker Juliette de Cuzey.

Our inspiring breakfast clubs continue also in 2020! Welcome with us to hear and share some thoughts and insights with fellow members and friends of networking.

Juliette has just celebrated a decade dedicated to search engine marketing, even though she’s also explored various other online marketing skills. She works under the brand FRANK’R.

Her presentation is gonna be quick; it’s called a lightning talk. This one’s goal is to uncover what growth hacking actually is, as many media and companies tend to misuse this term. What should you really expect if someone is selling you growth hacking service? & why do we all get so excited about growing things in a marketing context? Let’s find out!

Sofia Farmers' Breakfast is a morning club including discussions about business, self-development, and creativity. You can either choose your favourite from our upcoming events or participate in all of them! Farmers' Breakfasts are held on Wednesdays in Sofia Bistro. See you at Breakfast, Farmers!

Free entry.

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