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08.10.2018 - 18:29

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The Queen of grapes - Pinot Noir

As a “wine guy” a question I am often asked is “so, what’s your favorite grape”?
My answer, always without doubt or hesitation is Pinot Noir. In my opinion the Queen of grapes.

Few grape varieties offer the vast spectrum of difference that does Pinot Noir. Responsible for some of the worlds most prized and sort after wines and the driving force behind some of my favorite Champagnes is this true gem of a grape.

Structured, gentle nuanced wines. Fruit bombs with depth and balance. Crisp, clean and fresh. Elegant, smooth and delightful. Complex and intriguing. All of this can be experienced throughout the vast range of wines made using this wonderful berry.

In France the wines made using this grape can cost a few euro’s a bottle and go up to 10’s of thousands. The difference in the wine can range so much from just a few kilometers in the next district. In Burgundy you can find wines that are loaded with black cherry flavors and intense mushroom aroma. In Loire you will find gentle elegant wines with soft subtle strawberry and black berry characteristics best enjoyed young and fresh. In Champagne you find Blanc de Noirs that are bone dry and beautiful. In the Southern Hemisphere in countries like New Zealand you find big explosive wines that are long in the mouth and filled with aromas of cedar wood and spice. South Africa is home to versions of this wine that are also big, bold, thick and rich. Back in the North you can find Pinot Noirs from places like Oregon where the levels of alcohol are markedly high and you will find wines that would be difficult to place as Pinot Noir when compared to their cousins from France. In Germany known as Spätburgunder (Late Burgundian) you find beautifully sour Wines that are short yet intense.

Nearly every wine producing country in the world plants, grows and produces wine in some or other format using Pinot Noir. Every version holds it’s on special flavor and identity. Finding a bottle in either still, sparkling, red, white or rose is fairly easy. I challenge you to go out and buy a bottle or two or three and fall in love with this beautiful grape as I have done.

At Sofia we offer a wide range of wines made with or including Pinot Noir. Come find me in the Wine Bar and let me help you fall in love with the Queen of Wine Grapes.

See you soon.

For the love of the grape...

Simon Scheffer
Restaurant Manager/Sommelier

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