Farmers' Breakfast: Disruption of banking

27.11.2019, Sofia Bistro

With guest speaker Vesa Moisio, Senior Business Manager @Tink.

Financial data has until recently been an untapped powerhouse of insight into a customer’s mind and heart. But now this data is in the hands of consumers instead of being locked away in their banks’ vaults – opening up space for innovation and enabling a range of new ideas that can make a big impact in people’s lives. Now that consumers are in control of their own financial data, they can choose to share it with whoever finds clever ways to transform it into valuable services. Cue innovators from every corner, who can tap into this goldmine of information to deliver better, bolder new products and experiences that enrich customers’ lives – and not just financially. Being able to understand someone’s finances and spending patterns provides invaluable insights into their behaviour, preferences, and even values. And it opens up way for new services that can really speak to their hearts and make an impact in their daily lives.

"Before jumping into the blooming fintech industry and joining Tink in May 2019 I spent 10 years working for digital marketing technology companies & digital service development companies. I’m responsible for Tink’s business development in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tink is the leading open banking platform in Europe. We help banks, other fintech companies, startups and all kinds of companies realise the opportunities & benefits open banking brings and how Tink can help capture them." -Vesa Moisio

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